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This 4-hour class will help you learn the same basic material every nurse, doctor, and EMS personnel learns. This is important especially when you are caring for your family on a camping trip.

This 4-hour is the same course the Nurses, Doctors, and Emergency Responders are required to pass. This Healthcare card has a two year certification period, although more frequent practice will enhance your skills. This class will provide information regarding the criticalness and importance of your prompt action while EMS is in route to your location.

This free 1-hour course offers an informative understanding of how to camp. Whether you are backpacking, camping or just spending the night in the back yard with the kids, we will introduce you to the basics for comfort, ease, safety and enjoyment.

This 3-hour hike is an introduction to the flora, fauna, folklore & history of the Sonoran Desert w/ valley overview.

This 2-hour course offers a hands-on primer addressing the specific concerns of our extreme Southwest environment.

This 2-day class is an introduction to hiking aimed at the beginning hiker.

This 2.5-hour class is an introduction to paddling techniques, boat handling, river reading, ferry and eddy catching, safety boating, swiftwater swimming, and throw bag techniques.

This is a 2-hour foundational course in Lightweight techniques with an assessment of how you can go lighter, covering essential information on lightweight gear, safety, skills and lightweight gear on a budget.

This 2-hour class is aimed at hikers and trail runners who want to get prepared for their first adventure hike

A 2.5-hour class on everything you ever wanted to know about tarp camping but were afraid to try. Tarps are simply the most versatile and lightweight shelter there is. They can be pitched a number of ways for any condition and a two person tarp can weigh as little as 10 to 12 oz. As a canopy to cook in the rain, tarp tent or emergency shelter tarps exceed expectations. Using them to their fullest potential does take some knowledge and practice.

This is a 4-hour outdoor desert focused course. This is a hands-on course combining traditional backpacking systems with Bushcraft techniques and established survival practices to cover basic personal needs for backpacking and emergency situations.

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