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Model: Fox 40 Internal Frame Backpack 40 Liter
The Fox 40 is an awesome kid's pack. It's modeled after the adult size Deuter Aircontact trekking packs, and is ready to accompany little adventures on any mission.

Model: Child Carrier Backpack 18 Liter
A favourite with parents and kids alike. Designed for that feeling of boundless freedom on longer hikes. The pivoting Vari Flex hip fins have been revised and now offer an even more comfortable, snug fit. They sit perfectly and diligently follow every movement the wearer makes. Load adjustment straps on the hip pads deliver precise load control and the freedom of movement gained means more comfort and safety. The new, ergonomic cut seat has soft side panels and a comfortable, washable headrest.

Model: Eureka External Frame Backpack
31.5" frame pack w/ 3 torso length adjustments. Features: 2 main compartments separated by a panel w/pass-thru corners, top loading upper compartment w/ spreader bar to aid in packing & transfers weight to hips. Specs: Hipbelt is closed cell foam padded, dual sliding side-release buckle, quick clip shoulder strap adjustment, 8 oz pack cloth, insulated water bottle pocket, map pocket w/storm flap.

Model: Kelty Mistral
A sturdy three-season bag that will keep you comfortable for regular jaunts.

Model: Deuter Aircontact 65+10
The Aircontact 65 has all the features. This backpack offers a comfortable suspension system, and sports durable fabrics and construction to put up with major trail-abuse.

Model: Therm-a-Rest Ridge Rest Pad 3.5R
Our thickest and most comfortable foam mattress now boasts a heat-reflecting aluminized surface, adding to the effectiveness of heat-trapping valleys and soft, supportive ridges. The coating also adds durability to make this our toughest, worry-free mattress option for value-driven comfort in any season.

Model: Deuter Aircontact 65+10
Part workhorse, part luxury. The BaseCamp mattress is today’s deluxe version of the classic Therm-a-Rest® mattress—a straightforward design that’s been providing dependable comfort under the stars for over 35 years. Crafted on a foundation of time-tested materials and components, it's updated with an expanded foam core that makes it lighter, more compressible and an even better travel companion. Includes stuff sack.

Model: The North Face STORMBREAK 1
Hit the trails with this easy-pitch one-person tent that offers enough room for you, your pack and your dog.

Model: The North Face STORMBREAK 2
Dependable at the campground or on the trails, this two-person tent has two full doors and vestibules that make it easy to share close quarters.

Model: The North Face STORMBREAK 3
The Stormbreak tent is now ready to sleep three comfortably. Dependable at the campground or on the trails, this easy-to-pitch tent has two full doors and vestibules that make it easy to share close quarters.

Model: Kaiju 6 Person Tent
Guaranteeing campground fun for the family, this easy-pitch double-vestibule tent sleeps six and features an incredibly spacious interior with ample room to fully stand up. A mesh pocket props up a tablet for nighttime entertainment the whole family can enjoy when the campfire dies down. A massive sunshade and full rain fly prepare you for a variety of conditions, rain or shine.

Model: 7 Person Tent
A true home-away-from home, the Vacation Lodge 7-person tent offers comfort and convenience to campers. Corded steel poles with molded corner hubs and fast feet make setup easy while large back-to-back “D” style doors provide easy entry and exit. Plus, a removable fly for protection from rain has the unique ability to also be used separately as a sunshade during the day.

Model: MSR Pocket Rocket Portable Stove
Guaranteeing campground fun for the family, this easy-pitch double-vestibule tent sleeps six and features an incredibly spacious interior with ample room to fully stand up. A mesh pocket props up a tablet for nighttime entertainment the whole family can enjoy when the campfire dies down. A massive sunshade and full rain fly prepare you for a variety of conditions, rain or shine.

Model: Jetboil Flash Cooking System
Like all of Jetboil's innovative systems, Flash is an all-in-one design, combining burner and cooking vessel in one compact unit. Everything you need is stacked and stored inside the 1.0 liter cooking cup. The system lights with the click of a button and within two minutes provides two cups of boiling water for cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal. The newly designed burner secures the igniter, protecting it from bumps along the road.

Model: MSR Reactor Stove
MSR has combined state of the art cookware with revolutionary stove design to make the Reactor stove the fastest, most fuel efficient stove system ever. The Reactor stove's radiant burner is enclosed by a unique heat exchanger for unmatched performance in windy conditions while an advanced pressure regulator provides optimal heat output over the life of a fuel canister. Stove and fuel stow inside of the high-efficiency 1.7-liter pot that's great for everything from solo trips to cooking for groups of up to three people. A collapsible handle locks the unique see-through lid in place for safe and easy transport.

Model: Coleman 2-Burner Stove
The Coleman Fold-n-Go stove is a compact, highly packable stove that performs, and manages to be pretty good at it.

Model: 7 Piece Cook Set
At a little over a pound, this uber-efficient nesting cookset includes a cooking pot, a strainer lid, two bowls, two insulated mugs, two sip-it lids, 2 Telescoping Foons, a stove bag, and a welded sink-stuff sack. Everything you and your climbing buddy need- without the weight penalty.

Model: MiniWorks EX Microfilter
The MiniWorks EX microfilter is the worldwide best-selling microfilter, delivering long-lasting, field-maintainable water filtration in demanding environments. Engineered for frequent and heavy use, it utilizes our workhorse Marathon EX carbon/ceramic element to ensure clean, reliable and taste-free water. Thanks to its innovative AirSpring Accumulator, it's capable of pumping one liter per minute and the flow rate can be renewed easily and repeatedly in the field, no tools required. It's lightweight and compact and, most importantly, been proven reliable by thousands of adventurers just like you.

Model: Instep Crampons
While our full-sized instep crampons are a great solution when trekking long distances across uninterrupted ice, they can become cumbersome when the terrain frequently changes to rock or bare earth. For those time, these new, low-cost, lightweight Ice Cleats may be the solution. Crafted of steel with polypro straps, they provide plenty of traction on ice or packed snow without becoming an annoyance on hard surfaces.

Model: Standard MSR Snow Shoe
It's no mistake that you'll find the same UniBody Traction of the utilitarian Evo snowshoe as the foundation for some of our most aggressive models. The best traction when heading up or down even modest slopes in less than ideal conditions is something everyone can appreciate. We hold the same standard for control, and the weather-resistant, three-strap PosiLock binding delivers it in spades on rolling terrain, while Modular Flotation tails make this the hands-down best value going for trail walking and all-condition day use.

Model: Heal Riser Snow Shoes
All-terrain traction combines with our new, PosiLock AT bindings and energy-saving Televator heel lifts to let the Evo Ascent snowshoes take you anywhere you want (or need) to go. The rugged traction of our UniBody decks and Pivot Crampons deliver top-notch security, while Modular Flotation tails allow a single pair of snowshoes to provide flotation across a broad range of snow conditions.

Model: Eureka Cimarron
Eureka Cimarron 15 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag The Eureka Cimarron 15 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag is a comfortable, thermally efficient bag and an excellent choice for all-around use.

Model: Class 2 Climbing Harness
With proven performance since sometime around the Pleistocene, the A-Bod is simple, minimal, perfected and classic.

Model: Class 2 Universal Harness
The BW Universal Harness is a new addition to our harness choices. Type 13 Nylon webbing waist and leg loops. Unique Slot Web for the upright portion makes for a strong and low profile soft tie-in. Steel Cam Lock style waist belt buckle and leg loop buckles. Universal fit adjust to most waist sizes from very small to very large.

Model: Climbing Helmet
This is the classic Petzl helmet, the standard for mountaineering, climbing and caving. Extremely durable, this helmet can withstand the harsh conditions and rough treatment that are often encountered in the high mountains or deep caves.

Model: Climbing Shoe
Classic, traditional, high quality, and a great performer. Mad Rock's do-everything shoe has been around since day one, and while it has enjoyed improvements and subtle changes over the years, the Phoenix is still a great value in a traditional shoe, and remains one of our most popular models. This WAS your father's climbing shoe, and it'll likely be the choice of your kids as well.

Model: Full Crampons
An extra-light, strong, tempered aluminium crampon with flexible bar and four available binding systems. Through modern technology, we have been able to combine minimal weight with maximum strength. Ideal for ski touring, winter climbing and for easier mountaineering tours. With its light weight and economy of space, the Light is at home in any rucksack. Comes with cradle binding.

Model: Ice Axe
Specifically designed for ski touring, it is a light and manageable ice axe. It is ideal for ski tourers with advanced needs requiring this essential safety tool.

Model: NRS MaverIK I Inflatable Kayak (Includes paddles, pump, helmet & PFD)
The NRS MaverIK I Inflatable Kayak fits in the trunk of your car, inflates in just minutes and is so burly that it has run the Grand Canyon. The boat that redefined "ducky". A hit with beginners and experts alike. Short waterline and high rocker angles make this boat quick and responsive, while the width makes it stable enough for beginners through big water.

Model: NRS MaverIK II Inflatable Kayak
Features the legendary performance and durability of the MaverIK I, but with room for two paddlers. You can also paddle it solo for extra cargo space and stability. With an extended waterline and high rocker angles, this boat tracks like a champ without feeling sluggish. Folds compactly when deflated for easy transport and storage. (Includes paddles, pump & PFD)

Model: Tubes
Whether you plan to hit the Lower Salt River, the Verde River, just float out at your favorite lake, or even go bumping and sliding down the best sled hills the winter can throw at you, these tubes will take you there. Heavy gauge rubber makes them tough enough for any water adventure, frozen or flowing.

Model: Liquid Logic Coupe Single S-O-T Kayak
With the spring loaded skeg, Deluxe Wedge seat and the Tag Along Wheel versatility is the name of the game for this one-of-a-kind hybrid. Fun, stable, and easy to paddle the Coupes hull is river ready and simple to control in whitewater or the surf zone. On quiet waters the Coupe transforms to a touring sit-on-top with a flick of the lever deploying its skeg.

Model: Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe Double S-O-T Kayak
Spacious, family friendly tandem sit-on-top with wedge seats, the Tag Along Wheel and a deployable skeg for tracking. Versatile enough to tackle oceans, lakes, rivers and back bays with unparalleled comfort and control.

Model: NRS E-160
The 16-foot NRS E-160 is perfect for the big-water boater or for the outfitter who needs to carry extra passengers and gear. True to its name, this NRS Expedition Series raft is built for those epic trips. Self-bailing floor with quick-draining holes allows you to leave the bucket at home.

Model: NRS/Carlisle Take-Apart
NRS Take-Apart: The Propulsion Technologies paddle has high-impact ABS plastic blades and a high-strength, air-grade 7075 T6 aluminum shaft making this economical paddle tough enough for clinic use and rental programs.

Carlisle Take-Apart: Strong, thick-walled shafts match up with powerful blades. The take-apart model breaks down easily for transport. With externally reinforced push-button joints, these paddles also lock securely in either right or left hand control positions. This economical paddles' intended use is for inflatable and recreational kayaks.

Model: NRS/Carlisle Barrel Pump
NRS: Commercial outfitters swear that NRS Barrel pumps are built to last, get wet, and get used.

Carlisle: Save time and energy pumping up your raft. Carlisle pumps are made to last, using heavy-duty PVC and a foam O-ring seal that does not require grease.

Model: NRS Pennel Orca (hypalon) Repair Kit
Contains the essentials for emergency boat material and Leafield valve repair. This kit is intended to give you the basics to make an emergency on-the-water repair.

Model: NRS Rescue Throwbag
Made of highly visible and durable Cordura, NRS throw bags quickly secure to D-rings, boat frames or canoe thwarts with quick-release 1" straps. Internal flotation and floating rescue rope keep our Rescue Bags on top of the water. 2" mesh panel for better drainage and reduced dry time. Barrel-lock drawstring incorporated in a flared nylon top for smoother throws, plus easy reloading and closure.

Model: Protec
The Protec helmet is your one-size-fits-most solution to whitewater safety. The DialFit system lets you quickly and easily adjust the fit to accommodate almost any head size.

Model: NRS Big Water V
Type V: When you want to float serious water you need a serious life jacket. The NRS Big Water V is a high flotation jacket with a universal fit that wraps easily around anyone's torso.

Model: NRS RIO Splashtop
This lightweight Rio Top excels in protecting you out on the water. Wear it over insulating inner layers to stay dry in splashy conditions and paddle all year long!

Model: NRS Rio Splash Pants
Combine our splash-proof Rio Pants with any waterproof jacket for full-body splash protection at a great price. This wind proof pant will keep you dry and greatly reduce the effects of evaporation cooling.

Model: NRS Extreme Relief Drysuit
The convenience of waterproof YKK men's relief zipper for a little less "ooh" and a lot more "aah."

Model: NRS E-140
When you need an inflatable raft that can do it all, look no further than the versatile NRS E-140. This ultra tough 14 footer is great for fishing, multi-day outings and adrenaline-filled crew paddling. Self-bailing floor with quick-draining holes allows you to leave the bucket at home.

Model: NRS Bighorn I/II
The NRS Bighorn I can cradle a large cooler or dry box rigged either in front or behind. Its rugged design makes it a good platform for customizing your rigging for day or short overnight trips.

The NRS Bighorn II can carry both a cooler and a dry box, and will fit many boats 14' and longer. Its size and adjustability enable you to carry all the gear needed for multi-day trips.

Model: NRS ATB Wetshoe
Combines the rock-solid Workboot sole with the simplicity and warmth of a zippered neoprene upper. All-terrain traction, protection and support.

Model: NRS Big Baron
The big brother to our popular Big Earl SUP Board, the NRS Big Baron inflatable SUP just gives you a little more to love. This jumbo-sized, super stable inflatable stand up board is great for bigger-bodied paddlers. The NRS Big Baron is easy to store, easy to transport and a blast to paddle. It rolls up so compactly that it fits in a backpack, and inflates in just minutes.

Model: Lobo SuperTRAQ
The Lobo SuperTRAQ is the pinnacle of electronic gold prospecting technology. No other detector gives you the fast, accurate and reliable ground tracking in normal and severe soils like the Lobo SuperTRAQ. Tesoro's famous discrimination circuitry lets you relic and coin hunt too.

Model: Corts
The Corts represents the best combination of current and new technologies that Tesoro has to offer. When Jack Gifford and Vince Gifford set out to create a new target ID machine they each brought with them different experience. The new Corts represents all phases of our new microprocessor technology combined with our tried and true analog circuits to create a detector that has all of the high end features our customers have asked for with user friendly Tesoro controls.

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